Origami, a Pan-Asian cloud kitchen in Delhi NCR complements Cantonese and Japanese cuisine in a way that no other Michelin-star can. You cannot help feeling how they understand that the customer wants something lip-smacking, almost like fine-dining, but not out of the limit.  

Operating through 'VDelivers', Origami is just a tap or a call away as you can speak to the supervisor directly to place your order and also request a one-on-one chat with the chef to let them know any special requestMy second experience with Origami started with a call just like that where I explained exactly what I was looking for: another bomb meal from him. All the while imagining that he was tossing up some pretty fine Japanese dishes while the phone was tightly clutched and pressed against his ear. As much as I wanted to express my admiration for the food delivered last time, our conversation was cut short, and the line was busy later. He heard what I wanted, right? I wondered, then the supervisor called back: 'Hi ma'am, that's done.'  

Twenty minutes later, I sent my location on WhatsApp and much to my admiration, their speed of preparation was fast, really fast. They're one of the few places which are running amid pandemic. All thanks to cloud kitchen's efficient model.  

The food came sealed with the instruction's sticker, so that I may find my way through the condiments, the appetisers and the main courses; freshly prepared by the chef 

Ah, I sighed as I peeped inside the packet. Chicken dim sums in a sriracha sauce, as I read the label on the big black box. I'd expected sour soup in which the dim sums would float but looked like the dim sums were doing pretty great on their own. I kid you not, each one shared a remarkable similarity to a mermaid fin. Red and white coloured, they were truly a sight to behold.

Next, I opened the fried corn tempura box. It looked quite plain and boring without the sauces, as I recalled were honey-mustard and chilli mayo the last time I ordered tempura from Origami. Aha! The sachets were right next to the box. It is simply not told to us enough that those two condiments can really complement tempura. So thank you for the amazing idea, Origami.  

Third came the shiitake patty. Oh God, what was that amazing orange sauce on the patty! No doubt it was great. I didn't really savour this patty because I was so filled up at this point. But, I'm pretty sure I'll order it again if I get a chance.  

At last, my salmon ramen, my weekend special and a highlight of the week. It was made in this damn delicious gravy along with noodles, salmon and egg. I don't eat ramen every day. But the secret to eating and enjoying ramen is not to seek an opportunity to order it. In fact, if it's sheer bliss in a bowl, it will in turn make your day special.  

The prices on the menu are slightly high, but the quality of the food is mindbogglingly good. What I liked most was the kombucha tea I paired with my whole meal. It wasn't traditional Japanese kombucha. But I didn't mind. I felt as though I was sitting in a Japanese tea house surrounded by good vibes and good food!