Since the obsession with weight loss has been a real concern for people for a long time now, whenever a new diet hits the market there is so much talk about it. Referred to as the French medical solution, Dukan diet has been stirring up quite a storm. 

Pierre Dukan came up with this diet plan in order to help a friend who was desperately trying to lose weight. Upon seeing great results, Dukan digged deeper into this and started researching on nutrition. Finally, he devised a formal diet which came to be known as Dukan Diet. As the diet gained popularity in UK, he published a book by the same name which sold millions of copies across the globe.  

What Is Dukan Diet  

Largely, the Dukan diet is a high-protein, low-carb diet that aims at helping you lose weight. The diet follows a four-phase formula that ranges from weight loss to weight stabilization. Throughout the four phases, about 100 foods are prescribed which should be consumed as per the stage you are in. In the initial phases, a no-carb strategy is followed and more emphasis is placed on proteins. Gradually, carbs are introduced in low amounts in the last stages.  

The 4-Phases Of Dukan Diet

The phases begin with attack and end at stabilizing the weight.  

1. Attack Phase  

A five-to-ten-day high protein diet is followed to start the plan. Here, 72 food options are given that you can choose from and you’ll see results in a few days.  

2. Cruise Phase  

For the next 3 days, you are supposed to eat up to 32 vegetables in your daily diet. You can choose from a 100-odd variety in this phase. This stage may last longer because it is complete only when you have achieved your desired weight that you set at the beginning.  

3. Consolidation Phase  

This is a very tricky stage because in this phase you are most likely to regain weight. But the good part is, you can finally start eating a few of the fruits and vegetables. And you’ll get 2 cheat meals a week too.  

4. Stabilisation Phase  

The idea is to settle yourself and your weight and keep it balanced. You can start eating more carbs as long as you are able to maintain your weight.  

Now some of those who are lucky, will be shedding those extra kilos very quickly. But the catch here is that you might suffer from some nutritional deficiencies since a lot of food is forbidden for the most part of the diet. Another problematic aspect is that carbs are eliminated completely which might keep you low on energy. Many experts also do not advise sending body in a 'state of shock' which is what Dukan does, as it is may do more harm than good. 

Before following any diet, it is essential to consult a doctor or a nutritionist to see if it’s suitable for your body, and that is the approach you should follow for Dukan too