Fortunately, the city that never sleeps has several round-the-clock cloud kitchens that serve you at home so that you don’t have to worry about what’s in the fridge. Here are 5 such cloud kitchens offering delicious food at your doorstep.  

1. Hundo Pizza  

In the mood for a pizza on Saturday? Hundo Pizza is tossing some delicious pizzas for y’all. From the dough to the sauce and vegetables, everything is homemade and totally fresh. You can order in or pick up your order from their drive-thru. So, what do you feel like having? BBQ Chicken, Margherita or a cheesy Four Cheese. Oh, they also have Vegan options, starting at INR 300 only.  

2. Lucknowee  

A newbie in the business, Impressario Handmade Restaurants has launched it’s third cloud kitchen venture to cater to the authentic Awadhi tastebuds. When you feel like indulging in a royal Sunday feast with Galouti kebabs, Bhuna gosht and more, you know where to order from.  

3. Bun and Only  

Bun and only’s menu proves that its not just another witty name in the cloud kitchen business. Hand-crafted burgers with flavours from across the globe, everyone will find something to their liking here. Apart from a range of Portobello and Blue Cheese, Lamb and Mint burgers, brioche rolls are a popular choice. If your meal is sorted in INR 300-500, wouldn’t that be too light on your pocket?  

4. Food Homes 


With interesting food options that come in an even more interesting packaging, what’s there not to like? A specially curated menu driven with the motive of bringing the world in a box that can be turned into a plate, you would find pizzas, bagel sandwiches, jacket potatoes and Vada-pav Tou and Bagel-o Makhni for that Indian touch.  

5. Swati Snacks  

A simple home idea that can lead to a successful business venture is what Swati Snacks story is all about. Starting out as a small restaurant in South Mumbai that garnered a lot of appreciation and love during the lockdown, Swati Snacks has launched it’s cloud kitchen in Santa Cruz. Now you can easily devour the chaats, masala panoli, shrikhand with bedak roti and more from the comfort of your home.  

What an interesting turn of events, right? The lockdown didn’t dim the light of these restauranteurs and today, cloud kitchens have become the new trending thing.