Yes, yes, now that you have all crooned to the classic Ila Arun song from 1994, may we shift our focus to Delhi’s affinity, rather obsession with heavy breakfasts. It is quite a peculiar trait come to think of it. The hustle-bustle of Delhi is something we are all too well aware of; thanks to its depiction in popular culture, we tend to feel Delhi does not get time to breathe, even in the wee hours of night. Yet, however, scores of Delhiites will make time for their favourite breakfast, even if that entails driving down to another corner of the city. The queue outside Sita Ram Diwan Chand’s Chole Bhature shop in Paharganj, and Kallu Nihari in Purani Dilli are mere glimpses of this age-old love affair. After all, the decadent range of options can tempt you to cheat on your diet not once, but many times over. Nagauri Halwa is one such breakfast classic that is not just popular in Delhi, but across North India.

What is common between chole puri, aloo puri, and bedmi puri, apart from the puffed flat-bread Puri of course. Yes, these are all dishes that you commonly associate with breakfast in a typical North Indian household. Most of these are savoury dishes paired with spicy curries, and this is where Nagauri Halwa serve as a delightful departure of sorts. If you travel a little towards south, you would find plenty such sweet and savoury brunch combinations like Aamras Puri, in North the void is filled with Nagauri puri.

Nagauri or Nagori is a small-sized puri made with semolina and spices. It is fried in ghee. The use of semolina as opposed to maida makes these puris much crispier. These crispy puris further help complement the melt-in-your mouth halwa so well. The sooji halwa is again cooked sedulously in oodles of ghee, making it one of the softest halwas we have ever come across. A pinch of saffron gives the halwa a lovely orange hue, and an aroma that can draw a whole room together. To surmise, in this combination, you don’t just find a scrumptious contrast of flavours but also that of textures.

Here is a lovely recipe of Nagauri Halwa that you can all try soon.