Indian cuisine will never disappoint anyone who loves spicy, robust delicacies. A non-vegetarian, especially, who is fond of noshing upon greasy curries full of aromatic spices and succulent meat chunks will never run out of options!  Be it lip-smacking chicken curry or spicy Laal Maas or Rogan josh, you are set to get hooked after just one bite. One such unbelievably delicious delicacy from the diverse Indian cuisine is mutton kofte. A popular mutton curry with minced meat balls tossed in a thick flavourful gravy, mutton kofte though has Persian roots and were brought to Indian by the Mughals, in the Kayastha kitchen it got its unique makeover. The simple mention takes me back to the mouth-watering aroma that fills my house, whenever my mother cooks it with a recipe passed on to her by my grandmother.  

Indian cuisine boasts of many kofta curries- Nargisi Kofta and Malai Kofta, being two of the most popular ones, but the charm of mutton keema kofta is unmatched, if you happen to be a mutton lover.

A mix of select spices roasted together with onion, ginger and garlic, cooked in a fiery gravy, with bite-sized minced (keema) meat balls tossed into it, mutton kofta is a delight. The meat balls are made with a mix of minced meat, egg, dry roasted gram flour, garam masala and green chillies along with a ladleful of bhuna masala, which is essentially used to make the gravy. The keema balls are slow-cooked in the gray for the flavour to seep deep-into it. In a Kayastha household, it is popularly served with a special sweet bread called Baqarkhani. The combination is sure to take you back to the by lanes of old Delhi near Jama Masjid, a place lined with many small eateries that specializes in Indian non-vegetarian food. It is home to the famous Karim's and Moti Mahal.


Here’s the complete recipe of mutton kofte that you can try at home: 

Recipe by: Poonam Mathur


(Take the quantity according to the serving) 

For Meatballs: 

Minced meat 


Gram Flour 


Garam Masala 

Green Chillies (chopped) 


For Gravy: 

Onion (blended) 




Kashmiri red chilli powder 



Khus Khus 

Black Pepper 




Refined Oil 


1. Take a wok and add onion, garlic, ginger with a little ghee together. Roast it well until it turns sightly pink. Now add salt, red chilli powder, turmeric, coriander, khus khus, black pepper, and cinnamon. Add a bit of water to it and let it cook. Keep adding water and stir at regular intervals. 

2. Meanwhile, take gram flour in another pan and dry roast it to make meatballs. 

3. To make meatballs, take finely minced keema in a bowl, add eggs, roasted gram flour, salt, garam masala, green chillies and a spoonful of bhuna masala of the gravy together. Mix it thoroughly into a one dough-like mixture.  

4. Make small balls out of it, add it to the gravy and let it slow cook until the masala sets at the bottom and you see the ghee on top. 

5. Serve hot with rumali roti or baqarkhani.