Delhi is under a spell. A spell of  momos. What else can explain the new and bizarre versions of it then? And they just don’t stop. While some hit the spot, like the Schezwan momos, but how can you possibly make room for something like Maggi noodle momos? Anyhow, we are we to judge. Fusion foods will always incite conflicting opinions. Going back to Delhi’s rather peculiar affinity with momos. We say peculiar because the obsession is fairly recent, if you come to think of it.Momos, a dumpling snack from Himlayas, which were sold only in select restaurants some 20 years back have now become a popular street food choice in the capital.  

Its ubiquitousness can be sensed across every major marketplace or a busy street. It is hard to take a stroll across these streets without stumbling upon a hawker with his steamer, doling out hot momos on a paper plate with a side of red-hot chilli chutney. In my interaction with Dolma Aunty back in 2017, she told me how people were wary of eating momos back when she put up her stall in Central Market Lajpat Nagar, thinking that the snack is perhaps raw. Dolma Aunty is a Tibetan lady who is often touted as the first person who introduced Delhi to ‘momos’ as a street food. We have certainly come a long way since. ‘Tandoori momos’, in my opinion is the most ‘Delhi’ makeover we gave to the momos, until I stumbled upon the recipe of Mughlai Momos.  

Delhi and its love affair with Mughlai food needs no introduction. Delhi served as a Mughal capital for many centuries, an association that can be traced in the city’s culinary habits till date. When the Mughal emperors lost all power and control, many Mughlai khansamas were left to fend for themselves, which gave commoners of Delhi a whiff of Royal zaika. The kebabs, kormas and kalias came to the streets and the rest as they say is History. Almost every Indian restaurant of the city serves up a range of Mughlai curries. These rich curries are not very hard to make at home too provided you are willing to be patient.  

Mughlai momos are an ingenious way of using leftover momos and dipping them in a Mughlai gravy. Together, they spell magic. The juicy stuffing of momos, and the wholesomeness of the gravy are just a delight. Here’s a lovely recipe you may enjoy.