Croutons are a wonderful addition to your meal. Bread croutons have a fantastic texture and colour when deep-fried, baked or sautéed. The crunch factor does something exciting on the plate. There are some delicious ways to use croutons in your meal when you don’t want the same dish to feel repetitive. You could also use any types of bread that taste delicious to make croutons. Or, you can make croutons which are made with anything but bread. So many interesting ideas, isn’t it?  

To make bread croutons, you simply cut bread into cubes, then mix some oil and seasonings into the bowl. Toss them well so they are coated properly in the oil and seasonings. Then bake, fry or sauté the bread cubes until they become crispy. 

Here we share about five dishes that use croutons— 

1. Scrambled eggs with sourdough croutons


Cube that sourdough bread, make croutons and toss them into your egg. People have expressed a sort of fascination with fried eggs and breadcrumbs cooked together. But why just crumbs? We thought that these scrambled eggs with sourdough croutons would be a nice way to show creative cooking techniques that youngsters will love to experiment with. 

2. Bhelpuri with focaccia croutons  

Croutons in bhelpuri? Absolutely yes. Roasted cubes of potatoes that blend beautifully with the sev tamarind and coriander chutney, and tossed with focaccia croutons. You’ll be surprised how delicious this tastes, even without the rice puffs! 

3. Tomato sauce pasta with focaccia croutons 
Try pasta, but with a new twist. But not just any twist — a cheesy and herby twist. We toss the bread cubes with cheese and herbs until they crisp up. Then we put these croutons in the pasta.  

4. Pulao with curried croutons


We’re thinking of soya nuggets and curried croutons, or even peas and curried croutons. The kitchen is your playground. So how about tossing some spices with bread cubes, making croutons and then tossing these croutons into the rice dish? Choose the spices you’d like to combine for the croutons: chilli pepper and coriander, fenugreek and salt, turmeric and pepper…or bring in other interesting spices like panch phoron or godi masala!  

5. Crispy tofu with tofu croutons 
Here’s a dish that you would want to eat again and again. You make tofu croutons just like regular croutons, and combine them with sweet chilli sauce, roasted peanuts and lettuce. Sumptuous!  

We hope that you’ll consider these ideas!