Turnips are root vegetables rich in vitamin C and K with taste and texture similar to that of cabbage when eaten raw. Sweet and earthy, turnips have a neutral flavour profile that makes them extremely versatile. From cheesy casseroles to a delicious plate of cutlets with a bottle of beer, turnips can go for every occasion. Here are 5 dishes you can make with them. 

1. Turnip and pomegranate salad

Raw turnips provide a crunchy texture and a slightly sweet flavour profile which makes them a perfect salad ingredient. Combine grated turnips, pomegranate seeds, some herbs of your choice with olive oil dressing to relish with any meal. You can add some peanuts for extra crunch.

2. Mashed cheesy turnips with roasted broccoli

Replace your regular mashed potatoes with turnips for low calories and a little sweet flavour. Add some roasted broccoli crowns and some grated parmesan cheese on top for textural variation.

3. Turnip dal

Give a twist to your regular dal by adding turnips to them while sauteing the tomatoes. Adding turnips to dal can give it a crunch and pack some nutrients as well.

4. Turnip fries

Try something healthy for your drinking days by substituting regular potato fries with turnip fries. Season the turnips with some salt, pepper, garlic powder and olive oil and fry or air-fry them. Lower in calories and carbohydrate content, turnip fries are a great healthy snack option. 

5. Parmesan turnip cutlets

Have some crispy, cheesy delights for snacks by making some parmesan-crusted turnip cutlets. Peel and boil the turnips and then crush them with your palm to give them a round shape. Season them with salt, pepper, chives, garlic powder and olive oil and coat with grated parmesan cheese. Fry them on a pan and you are good to go.

Turnips are loaded with fiber, essential vitamins and folate and are termed as a superfood. Low in calories, turnips are a great substitute for potatoes. So, its finally time for you to move over potatoes and try making your favourite potato dishes with turnips.