The damage caused by stereotypes are hard to reverse, but that doesn’t mean we stop trying, right? Take for instance, North India’s obsession with parathas. The ubiquity of the flatbread has made half the world believe that, that is all North India has to offer in terms of breakfast, but that is far from the case. North India has a whole gamut of options, for every kind of foodie out there. From light to dense, healthy to outright decadent, the breakfast fare of North India is a quite an eclectic mishmash. Here, we raise our toast to five such classics.  

1. Bedmi Puri-Aloo

If morning indulgence had a name, it was perhaps be known as ‘bedmi’ in Delhi. Bedmi puri is a super crispy, grainy puri made with Urad dal. It is quite different from regular puri in terms of both flavour and texture. Bedmi puri is paired with a delightfully spicy potato curry.  

2. Nihari-Khamiri Roti:

The word ‘Nihari’ is derived from the Arabic word ‘Nahar’ which means ‘morning’. This soothing mutton stew was developed as a breakfast dish for the royalty, who would have this delightful dish after their morning prayers. Till date, it is one of the hot-selling items in Chandni Chowk during morning, and provides just the right amount of energy and comfort. It is famously paired with khamiri roti.

3. Chole Bhature

You didn’t think we’ll make a compilation of Indian breakfasts and not mention Chole Bhature, did you? This classic dish has two components, an eclectic chickpea curry which is paired with hot, soft and super puffy breads called bhaturas.  

4. Aloo Kulcha

Even if you have not been to Amritsar, you are no stranger to the phenomenon of Amritsari kulchas. These maida-based flatbreads are stuffed with a spicy potato mixture and cooked in Tandoor. It is traditionally served with a chickpea curry, pickle and some onion salad.  

5. Besan Cheela

Is it a crepe? Is it a savoury pancake? Is it a cross? You really need to try cheela to truly unpack its genius. It is one of the most common breakfast items in a typical North Indian household for a multitude of reasons. Not only is it quick to make but also high in protein.


There, there, we’ve seen you drooling. Now, go don your apron and start cooking.