While all of us keep talking about food, it is the drinks that we tend to overlook. You may know that you have to try the famous vada pav or dabeli whenever you visit Maharashtra but have you ever heard of Piyush. No, its no random guy we are talking about, rather a creamy shrikhand drink from the region that is popular across Marathi and Gujarati cuisine. Surprised much? 

Similarly, Bihar has some lip-smacking beverages on offer, which are not only replete with taste but nutrition too. While the food can be spicy and fiery when it comes to the Bihari platter, it is these refreshing summer drinks that can bring down the heat. 

1.  Sattu Ka Sharbat 

Some of you may know sattu as Bengal gram, however, for Biharis, it is sattu. This powdered flour is high in protein and is used across the Bihari cuisine, from sweets to savouries and even drinks. This sattu drink has cooling properties which give a respite in summers. 

2. Gur Ka Sharbat 

Gur aka jaggery is a natural sweetner which is considered better than refined sugar in most cases. In fact, a lot of desserts also make use of gur instead of processed sugar for an authentic taste. In Bihar, gur is used as the main ingredient for a sharbat. A mix of jaggery and ginger powder in water, with a few ice cubes and you are good to go. 

3. Bael Ka Sharbat 

Bael is a great source of Vitamin A, widely used across the region. While its nutritious properties are immense, it is the taste of this yellow-coloured fruit which makes it a star ingredient for a drink. Scoop out the pulp and add it to a glass of water. Mix sugar and enjoy! 

4. Kacche Aam Ka Sharbat 

Raw mangoes have a slight sourness and tanginess which is often used in pickles. However, the Biharis have taken it a notch higher with this Kacche Aam Ka Sharbat. The mangoes are mixed with jaggery and spruced up with cumin and ginger for flavour.