We sometimes never truly value the spices in our kitchen cabinet. Their magical powers to turn a dish around merits a chronicle of its own, yet for most of us, they are mere flavouring agents. Did you know these spices have inspired traders to travel half the world, chart new trade routes to reach different countries in ancient times?  It would not be an exaggeration to say that spices indeed brought the world closer way before the internet came in the picture. But why go that far back in history, even today chefs are in hunt for new spices and herbs, or new combinations that could make their dish class apart. A really classic example would be that of the ‘65 masala.  

You must have come across the sensational chicken 65. It can be easily found in the menu of most South Indian eateries. There are many myths and legends associated with the peculiar nomenclature. Some same the creator of the dish A.M Buhari conceived the dish in the year 1965 in a modest hotel in Tamil Nadu, while some say that a whopping number of 65 masalas went into the making of the dish! There is another popular theory that states that this particular chicken dish was the 65th dish in the menu, and the soldiers stationed in Tamil Nadu would often just point at the dish because of the language barrier and thus the dish came to be known as chicken 65. Either way, there is nothing about this crunchy, hot and spicy starter that we do not adore. Each and every spice has a distinct place in the starter, including the curry leaves that gives it a rustic touch. But if you are feeling particularly experimental today, you can replace juicy chicken chunks with roughly chopped potatoes.

Trust us your dish will remain as crunchy and appetizing with this vegetarian makeover too. What are you waiting for? Here’s the recipe of aloo 65. Try making it for your evening snacks, or breakfast or dinner (we’re not judging)  and let us know how you liked it.