As healthy as it might be, it is not a good idea to suppress your appetite with just juices and smoothies. As we live in a very fast-paced world and our energies drain out in no time, juices and smoothies may only keep us full for half an hour or one hour. So that’s why here we talk about an on-the-go meal which will sustain energy for longer periods. You must have guessed it already.  


Cold soup has been making headlines for a while now as it is convenient, filling and healthy. In countries such as Madrid, cold soup is a way of life. In fact, it originated in Spain. Have you tried gazpacho yet? It really does tantalize taste buds while providing enough nutrients. It is everywhere in Seville, Madrid, Barcelona, and eaten popularly as a lunch meal.  

Gazpacho is not watered-down like juice or thickened with curd-like smoothie. On the contrary, one uses the pulp of fruits and vegetables such as beetroot, orange or carrots for an inventive and flavourful combination. These ingredients are blended with vinegar and olive oil but sometimes, the vegetables and fruits are cooked on the stove, instead. Afterwards, it is allowed to chill so the puree can turn very cold.  

Sounds exciting? Perhaps you can experiment at home. It is one of the only meals that can be satiating, without being too hard to make. You can prepare the puree the night before, and leave it in the fridge to chill overnight. Before packing it in a tumbler, adjust seasonings as per your preference. Ideally, the flavor is so precise that the soup requires no garnish, drizzle, or bread!  

Tomato and cucumber make for a delicious combination of chilled soup to sip in the summer. While spicy and hot foods may be delicious, they tend to give us acidity especially during the summer season. One should keep in mind that eating in sync with seasons is important. So let’s incorporate chilled soup into our diet while summer is around!  

Photo: cottonbro