What is it about potatoes that make them immensely popular? Is it the neutral flavour of potatoes? The versatility? Well, for a start, potatoes can be paired with multiple other interesting flavours to concoct mouthwatering dishes. Alone, potatoes are an absolute winner too. But, as lovers of fusion, we opt for these five new options. Moving away from the classics, we've got dishes you just can't resist.

1. Sindhi Aloo Tuk: Classic Potatoes


Sindhi Aloo Tuk has the characteristics of a snack that people instantly fall in love with. It is fried twice, and thereafter seasoned with bold spices. To prepare the dish well, the potatoes must be cut the right size and shape, and a spice rub should be applied which is neither too mild nor too spicy. 

2. Cheese Aloo French Toast: Cheese And Potatoes

A lip-smacking, savoury version of French toast, the combination of cheese and aloo makes this dish an absolute delight in the monsoons when all we want is chai, and a hot and crispy snack to go with it. 

3. Aloo Sabudana Papad: Sago and Potatoes

Aloo sabudana papad is a popular snack, but it is also an accompaniment to dal and roti that adds crunch. The addition of aloo puts a nice spin. Papad is one of the simplest things you can prepare at home. That is why it deserves a spot on our list. Dip into any chutneys or relish for more awesomeness. 

4. Aloo Tamatar Ka Jhol: Tomato And Potatoes

If you are interested in a meal which is heavy on potatoes, then aloo tamatar jhol should be your next pick. The dish makes use of tomatoes and potatoes as the main ingredients. The potatoes are marinated with red chillis, turmeric, and salt, and cooked in cinnamon, cardamom, and all the important Indian spices, while the tomatoes are wilted in gentle heat. Milk and butter are also added. 

5. Shawarma Fries: Chicken And Potatoes


Is it the weekend? Would you rather indulge in shawarma, or want to keep it low-key and order a burger fries meal. We say take the middle road. Get yourself shawarma fries, which are becoming increasingly popular in restaurants today. 

We hope that you’ll enjoy these flavourful dishes! Do you have any other ideas that you can use to add deliciousness to potatoes?