Be it a joyous occasion or a traditional puja at home, halwa has been an indispensable part of an Indian household . And let’s admit it, the prasad of halwa at the end of any puja has been the most interesting part for us. From suji halwa, besan ka halwa or the winter essential gajar ka halwa, we can never really have enough of it, can we? Melt-in-mouth, bursting with sweet decadence, nuts and dry fruits, did you know halwa actually has Arab and Turkish origins? The Turkish sweet of ground sesame seeds and honey is believed to have travelled towards the eastern countries and became the 'halwa' that we know of today.

Moong dal halwa is one such sweet halwa that is sure to melt your heart and impress your sweet tooth to no end! Replete with ghee, nuts and all things rich? Can it get any better, we guess not.  

It is a classic dessert in Rajasthan, and while it is known to be a winter delicacy, I personally can have it all year long. The delicate halwa is made with soaked moong dal paste, sugar, ghee and dry fruits, which are sedulously stirred to get that perfect consistency. Preparing this halwa is a tricky affair since you cannot stir too much or you’ll have a moong dal muddle. But fret not, you simply need a good recipe for a perfect bowl of moong dal halwa, and we’ve got one.

How To Make Moong Dal Halwa At Home

Moong dal is a wholesome, versatile lentil and this halwa is the perfect example of it. In this halwa recipe, all you need is to soak, drain and ground moong dal to a smooth paste first. Add the moong dal to a wok with ghee, start stirring. Meanwhile add milk with sugar and water in another wok and let it dissolve till it comes to a boil. Add the milk mixture to the moong dal halwa, which should be at a granular consistency by now. Add cardamom, pistachios and raisins and your irresistibly delicious moong dal halwa is ready to be noshed!

Click here for the full recipe of moong dal halwa.  

Try it at home and share your experience with us!