Monsoons are here and you’d be lying if you say that you do not take a peek outside the window a little more often than you would on other days. Despite the damp weather, the waterlogging, traffic jams, seepage issues we still look forward to the season with child-like enthusiasm. And so what if you don’t get to run carefree on the streets playing with paper boats, you can sit still in your balcony and be equally mesmerised by the pitter patter. These charming evenings are incomplete without a cup of hot masala chai. ‘Masala’ in India refers to spices or a spice mix. The spice mix we use for tea is slightly different, since we do not intend to make a gravy out of our tea, ratio of spices is very important.  

Masala Chai: More Than Just A Flavourful Beverage

Spices like cloves, ginger, cardamom and black pepper are often used to make Masala chai, they not only add a nuanced, hot and fragrant tones to our tea, but also makes it replete with nutrients that are oh-so-essential for the weather.  

Black pepper helps soothe your throat, ginger has flu-fighting abilities, cardamom can fight cold. Together these spices fortify you from within and help give your immunity a natural boost.  

Making masala chai is not difficult at all, you just need to brew your tea and milk with these whole spices, but what if we tell you we have something that can make the whole process even easier?  

That’s right, with this masala pre-mix, you don’t have to crush masalas, you do not even have to switch in-between dabbas to make your masala chai. As you brew your tea, just add this Masala chai pre-mix and enjoy your own cup of masala chai, anytime of the day.  

Here’s the recipe you have been waiting for.