When you are in the mood to eat something light, ice cream instantly becomes the best option without a single doubt. So let’s welcome you with a very famous ice cream originating from a corner of the world popularly known as ‘Mochi’. Mochi is a bun-shaped Japanese delicacy that is quite sweet, creamy and sticky in texture. A fusion dessert that is wholly wrapped around in the goodness of a rice dumpling and smoothy stuffed in any flavourful ice cream as per one’s choice. It is sometimes also created with lesser-known fillings such as green tea, red bean, and plum wine to make it more engaging. 

How is Mochi different from the other ice-creams existing all over the world? 

A unique yet bizarre style is involved while crafting this delicious ice cream as it is wrapped around in the goodness of glutinous rice that is first steamed and then pounded into the shape of a bun. These rice balls or buns are then stuffed with a scoop of ice cream. Once ready, these mochi ice creams are usually dusted with cornstarch. 

The fascinating history of Mochi ice cream: 

The expert behind bringing this delectable delight to the eyes of people is an American-Japanese business and activist named Frances Hashimoto, the former CEO of Mikawaya, an American confectionery specializing in Japanese delicacies and sweets. It took over a decade for researchers and developers to release this dessert out in the market as it involved mixing unique ingredients that had never been used before. After days and years of hardwood and perseverance, mochi ice cream finally emerged in Hawaii for the first time in 1994. Unbelievably within just a few months of the debut, this frozen dessert took over the hearts of many and captured the market, emerging as the best-seller at that time. Since then, mochi has been one of the top-most frozen desserts in the world. 

Mochi ice cream is not only too creamy and heavenly, but at the very same time, it’s aesthetically pleasing, making it a must-dessert for everyone to try at least once in their lifetime. So you know what to try next on your trip to Japan. 

Check out the recipe here.