If you’ve grown up in the 90s in India, congratulations! You’ve perhaps spent your childhood amid some of the best street foods around. Don’t you agree? A chuski of just INR 5 was our jam during the hot summer days, and revri or popcorn for INR 10 satiated us in winters. Those were the days that we miss! And while we love entirely our momos and all things desi Chinese that are available these days in every nook and corner, 90s special street foods take us back to all those childhood memories that we never knew we were making.  

  • Here are 5 foods that may immediately make you nostalgic:

1. Cotton Candy 

Buddhi Ke Baal, remember? Every Indian kid would know it like that, but it’s only after we grew up, we realized what it is! A cotton-like sugar-spun solidified and wrapped around a stick, cotton candy or candy floss was one of the most favourite snacks at every meal, fest or market!  

2. Vanilla Ice Cream Cone 

Be it from Mcdonalds, Nirulas or ice cream parlours, an ice cream cone mostly with vanilla or strawberry flavours was a crowd puller! Aren’t you slurping already simply by imagining the ice cream machine doling our vanilla ice cream layers overlayer on the crunchy cone? Yes, me too.  

3. Chuski 

Tangy, ice-lollies flavoured with fruity syrups such as rose, orange and Kala-khatta made for a delectable  treat in the scorching heat! 


4. Banta 

One can still find outside many markets, schools and colleges, and the sheer joy of slurping from a glass of tangy masala soda is the same as before! There is nothing like a chilled glass of banta to quench our  thirst on a hot summer day. 


Cream Rolls 

Creamy whipped cream laced with sugar neatly packed in crispy cones made for this pastry that we cannot get over! They ruled the bakeries, and you can find them in different varieties even today.


Know more about such childhood treats? Let us know!