Whoever has tried and adored Indian desserts from the core of their heart can probably vouch for the fact that we don’t shy away from experimenting. History is proof is that Indian desserts have invited intrigue and fancy of many travelers from home and abroad. Be it the richness, the layers or the sheer audacity to mix two flavours that are almost blasphemous to put in the same pot, let alone be consumed together. One such unique preparation is that of Mirchi ka Halwa. You heard us, Mirchi refers to chillies in Hindi and Halwa is a sweet, sinful dessert, which is of a decadent porridge-like consistency.  
Mirchi Ka Halwa: Where Does It Belong? 
Did you know Halwa is originally of Persian descent. It travelled to India and got many interesting desi renditions; from gajar ka halwa to sooji ka halwa to moong Dal ka Halwa. Since Halwa is so easy and fun to prepare, our ancestors have tried throwing making a halwa out of almost everything, Mirchi Ka Halwa seems like a brainchild of a similar genius mind. It is said that Mirchi ka Halwa has its origins in Rajasthan, but the delicacy is fairly popular in the region of Rampur, Uttar Pradesh as well.

Is It Hot? Is It Sweet? You Need To Try It To Know
Rajasthan is known for its fiery hot dishes. Remember laal maas? And its ability to break you into sweat. Mirchi ka Halwa is not that hot, the sugar balances it out, the chillies used are also not of very hot variety. But yes, much like the chillies used- this halwa is also of a beautiful, vibrant colour and is not overtly sweet like other halwas. Making it ideal for those who are not too big on super-sweet desserts.  
To make this halwa, you need to heat water in a pan, add green chillies and alum- this chilli mixture is then to be ground coarsely and mixed with ghee in a nonstick pan. To this hot mix of ghee and chillies, add semolina and sugar. Sautee for a few minutes, add cardamom for aroma. Then add khoya and sugar and keep mixing well. Serve hot.  

So, would you dare to try this unique Halwa?