You’ve probably heard it everywhere, Mirabai Chanu bagged India a silver medal in the weightlifting championship in women’s 49 kg weight category. The 26-year-old world champion made the country proud with her amazing victory and brought us the first medal at this year’s games, and her only wish, to enjoy some pizza soon after the tournament, took the internet by storm . Dominos even gracefully offered to give lifetime free pizza to the winner. 

Our athlete trained hard for five years to win this medal, so we thought why should she work hard to decide what pizza she should get and so we went ahead and made a list of pizzas she must try. This one's for you, Mirabai Chanu.


'Mushroom and Bell Pepper Pizza' For The Win  

Our silver medallist has to break her hectic diet with this paradise of a pizza. It’s loaded with mushrooms, peppers, jalapeños, paprika and exotica herbs. 

Celebrating The Silver With The 'Four Cheese Margherita Pizza' 

For the classy lady, this classy pizza is a must. It’s made on handmade dough topped with their super delicious tomato sauce and a whole truckload of cheese (luckily all the weightlifting will burn those extra calories).

Gleeful Indulgence With The 'Tandoori Panner Pizza'

The Indian twist to a traditional Italian pizza is so good that our athlete will want to eat it all day every day. If people say pizza is happiness, they're probably talking about this one. 

Crossing The Finish Line With The 'Barbeque Chicken Pizza'

This meaty pizza needs no introduction; it’s spicy, salty, it’s cheesy and by God, it’s like heaven on Earth. Decked with saucy chicken chunks, veggies and spices, it’s the perfect way to enjoy the end of a training session.

Lifting the “Loaded Pizza on Cauliflower Crust'

Just like Mirabai’s amazing performance dominates our thoughts, this loaded pizza may just dominate her thoughts. There’s also a healthy keto touch to the pizza that she may enjoy.