Did you think we were talking about extracting ghee from milk? No, it’s not that for sure. Previously, we’ve heard about all the different varieties of milk that are available to us these days. I hope you haven’t forgotten about avocado milk and camel milk. Each of them has a certain nutritional value to them. 

Ghee is very staple to Indian cooking, especially in rural areas. Ask nutritionists and health experts and they would always tell you to prefer ghee over any kind of refined oil being sold in the market. With plenty of antioxidants present in our pure desi ghee, I don’t think even Katrina Kaif from Namastey London would mind trying some. 

You would have gotten a lot of tips about drinking haldi wala doodh (turmeric milk). This time, try some ghee wala doodh (ghee milk) and reap its immense benefits. 

1. Builds stamina

Add a spoonful of ghee to your glass of milk might sound bizarre at first. However, when you see your stamina and energy building up, you wouldn’t think twice before drinking it the next time.

2. Improves digestion and metabolism 

A warm glass of milk at bedtime, mixed with ghee is perfect to keep your metabolic rate in control and help in better absorption and digestion of nutrients. 

3. Strengthens bones 

Do you complain of joint pains quite often? Worry not, this ghee milk lubricant will work just fine. 

4. Healthy pregnancy 

As a pregnant woman or someone who is taking care of one, ghee milk is a great supplement to be included in the diet. It not only provides strength to the body but also aids the development of the foetus. 

5. Improves sleeping patterns 

With an increasing number of people complaining about insomnia these days, this treatment is quite imperative as well as effective. A glass of ghee milk at night calms your nerves and puts your mind and body to sleep. 

Next time someone offers you ghee, just think of these benefits and take it!