It is a fact that sitting together and enjoying food and drink while high-pitched laughter rings in your ears can boost spirits. When you meet a person from a Mediterranean country, they seem to inject their positive energy into you. For one, they are not crazy workaholics. But what else? 

Let’s offer an explanation for it. 

I cannot help but smile, wondering how awesome it could be to live around the sea every minute of your life. Very often, you come across one of those movies focusing on slow-motion life. The light radiates in people’s eyes. Best of all, the characters in the movie seem to take so much pride in their environment. Nothing but gratitude for the fresh air, healthy food, and amazing company. The good vibrations are an indicator of the fact that they are no longer plagued by bad stress. Good thing that such places exist, in addition to busy cities like Delhi and New York where joy is often a delusion. Let’s try and learn from happy people, now!

There are some small changes you can make in your diet to improve your mood. Of course, we do not make any super-exaggerated claims about eliminating diseases and mental health. But one thing is sure: eating mindfully does change you for the better. 

All we are saying is that plenty of vegetables, nuts, fats, liberal use of olive oil, mozzarella, and goat's cheese can be more satisfying than processed foods. If you want to make a pizza, by all means, do. But, try not to use a refined wheat base or processed cheese. Instead, you can make a dough with whole grains such as wheat making it easier to digest. In Rome, it is called a pinsa. Furthermore, red meat is consumed in limit. The best local ingredients which are in season should be prioritized.

Times are changing and both health and environmental problems are rising, so let us stay committed to good food that is sustainably sourced and puts less burden on our planet.