As kids, my sister used to be very fussy about eating vegetables (well, she still is). Things which other kids relished like Rajma Chawal was a nightmare for her. After a point, my mother also ran out of ideas to get her to like vegetables. One such veggie she detests till date is peas aka matar. Be it matar pulao or matar paneer, she would scoop out pieces of these sweet peas from her plate and onto mine (honestly, I loved it). Then we discovered matar ka halwa and everything changed. 

For those who haven’t dwelled on the halwa trail yet, it is a Indian confectionary, largely a pudding-like dessert with lots of ghee and nuts stirred together to get a smooth texture and a sweet flavor. Be it any occasion, birthday, festival or a wedding, if there’s nothing sweet to mark the day then there’s halwa at bay. It is a quick and easy dessert that requires minimum ingredients. 

From Gajar ka halwa to moong dal ka halwa, we’ve had it all. Come winters, halwa becomes a common sight in Indian households. In fact, we survived a Mirchi ka Halwa too. However, “Matar ka Halwa, seriously?”, was our first reaction. Surprisingly, it so damn healthy and tasty that even my sister didn’t bat an eyelid while having it. 

         Source: Chef Shubham Singh/Facebook 

Coarsely ground peas are mixed together with mawa, sugar and desi ghee, of course, to give you this bowl of health and happiness. This is so good in itself that you wouldn’t really feel like adding any nuts. 

If you’re getting inquisitive about this halwa variety, we bet you would like to try the easy-peasy Matar ka Halwa recipe by Better Butter.