Manipur, a land in the North-Eastern part of India offers a rich culinary experience that reflects the intimate connection of the local people with nature. From plain to piquant, there is a variety of flavours that you will find in Manipuri food.  “The Jewel of India” is endowed with stunning biodiversity and the food habits of local people are conditioned by its geographical and socio-economic diversity. One of the seven sisters boasts of the sprawling tea gardens and natural beauty. When it comes to Manipuri dishes, they are simple yet delicious and healthy as majorly organic ingredients are used to make them. In this piece of writing, we will tell you about the lesser-explored Manipuri cuisine. Here are a few facts about it. 

1.    As the region experiences heavy rainfall, it is suitable for rice cultivation and hence you will observe Manipuri people eat rice a lot. 

2.    Manipur is dotted with various water bodies and therefore, fish is found in abundance here. That’s the reason delicacies consisting of fish are relished commonly in the region. Fried and fermented fish are important ingredients of Manipuri dishes. 

3.    If you wish to have organic vegetables, you must pay a visit to Manipur. Here, locals grow veggies at home and some of them are exclusive to the region. Pumpkin, brinjals, beans, gourds, etc. are indigenous to this region. 

4.    Want to enjoy a typical Manipuri meal? Brace yourself for some of the healthiest dishes. A Manipuri thali will include steamed rice, with kangsoi, ooti, nga atiboa thongba, kanghou, eromba, singju and morok metpa. Didn’t understand what all these dishes are? Well, you will be basically provided rice, a vegetable stew, a thick curry made of peas, beans, and chives, along with fish curry, stir-fried vegetables, boil veggies, a salad made of seasonal vegetables, and chutney of garlic, roasted chilies, and nagri.