If it is not sinful and indulgent, is it even an Indian mithai? We pride in our extensive range of sweets to an extent that it is considered almost improper to end a feast without a round of these decadent delights. And who are we kidding? Deep-down we know, we have never really cared about the right time to pop in a barfi or a rasgulla. Let’s not forget all those times you stole that extra peda from the pooja ki thali, or the time you raided your fridge in hope for some left-over sandesh from the previous night. To cut the long story short, Indian sweetmeats can make us cheat on our diet not once but many times over. The summer is upon us now and needless to say, we have filled our refrigerators with all possible variants of mangoes. Did you know the ‘king of fruits’ could be a great addition to our ‘mithais’. Don’t believe us? Take a trip down to your local Halwai, and you would see many ‘season specials’ made with freshest varieties of mango. 

Mango’s sweet and juicy pulp could also glam up your regular rasmalai if you give it a chance. Rasmalai is a popular Bengali sweet that has now found fans across the country. In this dessert, small, falt cakes of paneer or chenna are dipped in thickned milk. It is topped off with pistachios and is flavoured with spices like cardamom for the extra kick. When mango is added to this concoction, what you get is the ultimate blockbuster of a recipe.  

The recipe is actually much easier than you think it is. Here we have a scrumptious Mango rasmalai recipe by Better Butter. You can try it today and spend this summery evening in style.