South India is a reservoir of diversity when it comes to food. Where on one hand you have comforting idli-sambar, on the other you have Chettinad cuisine firing up your taste buds with its chillies! In fact, God's own country Kerala is known for offering an array of rich, creamy and delicious recipes, each unique and distinct from one another. Be it delicious appams and parottas or the crispy paniyaram - Kerala cuisine is bursting with flavours. What makes the curries of Kerala different from typical north Indian curries is the addition of mustard seeds, curry leaves and creamy coconut. Be it a classic Kozhi curry, chicken stew with appam or the irresistible Chettinad chicken, Kerala cuisine is a heaven for anyone with love for spice. 

One such gem from the cuisine is the Malabar chicken curry. An aromatic and delectable treat cooked in coconut oil and curry leaves along with a smattering of mustard seeds, Malabar chicken curry gores best with a parotta or just some steamed rice. It makes for a perfect, wholesome treat for anyone who loves a delectable chicken curry at any given day. And if you are one of them, we’ve got a perfect recipe for you to try in your own kitchen.

How To Make Malabar Chicken Curry  

All you need for this recipe is to splutter some mustard seeds in hot oil along with cloves and curry leaves. Saute with onion, tomatoes and ginger and garlic paste. Chicken chunks are added and cooked with this mixture post which, spices such as coriander, chilli, turmeric and garam masala powders are added. This lends a fiery touch to the curry which is then balanced by coconut milk. This curry is simmered for a while until cooked well and is finally served with appams. Isn’t it so simple? One try, and we bet you won’t be able to resist cooking this delightful treat again.  

Click here for the full recipe of Malabar chicken curry. Try it at home and share your experience with us!