If you’re planning to throw the leftover curries, sabzi, from yesterday’s dinner, then stop! It's hard to see the food in the dustbin, especially when you prepare it with so much effort, love, and time. So to avoid wastage of food, we have curated five delicious dishes which you easily can make at home by using the leftover food. 

1. Stuffed Grilled Sandwiches Made From Leftover Sabzi  

This easy peasy recipe is always a time saver with no compromise in taste. All you need to take is the leftover sabzi and make cheesy sandwiches. Mash the sabzi, stuff it inside two bread slices and grill them with some butter or ghee over it. You can use gobhi sabzi, rajma, potato curry, panner for the same. Pair up with mayonnaise, ketchup, or schezwan sauce, and you’re done for the day. Find the recipe from here.

2. Dal Paratha Made From Leftover Dal  

Leftover dal just sat idle on the corner of the fridge. Instead of throwing, use them as filling in some parathas. Mix the dal while kneading dough, and do not use much water. Add water little by little and make parathas from it. Serve hot with pickle, raita, or spicy green chutney. Tap on the to know the recipe. 

3. Chicken Sandwich Made From Leftover Roasted Chicken

There is always room for some chicken in your stomach. So making sandwiches by using leftover roasted chicken is commendable. Taste the same chicken in two different varieties, chop roasted chicken pieces, mix with mayonnaise dressing, some veggies, and add cheese for the cheesy flavour. 

4. Bread Upma Made From Leftover Bread

Instead of making upma by using regular suji, use bread crumbs. This dish will not just help you to reuse the leftover bread slices, but it also gives you a break from eating regular upma. Try making bread upma at home, follow these steps. 

5. Mutton Pulao Made From Leftover Mutton  

To make this mutton pulao recipe, you need leftover mutton curry, rice, and spices. Pressure cook them for one whistle, and viola, your spicy mutton pulao is ready. You can also make pulao with leftover chicken curry. So get creative with this leftover curry.