You may easily get confused because the flavour of mace is very similar to nutmeg. Why? This is because they both come from the nutmeg tree. 

Nutmeg is native to Indonesia and is also found on some Caribbean islands. In Grenada, nutmeg is the national symbol and can be seen on the country's flag. 

Mace, also known as javitri, is the upper red layer that surrounds the nutmeg seed. When the fruit of the tree matures, it withers, releasing a red layer and seed.

Let’s get into the benefits one can get from mace: 

Treats insomnia 

Mace is rich in magnesium, which reduces nervous tension and also stimulates the release of serotonin, which creates a feeling of relaxation or calm. Mace Spice effectively relieves stress, anxiety and reduces mental fatigue.

Helps to treat indigestion 

Mace can stimulate the digestive process due to the fibre content present in it. It increases the secretion of gastric and intestinal juices and reduces the incidence and discomfort of constipation.

Increases blood circulation 

Another health benefit of nutmeg is its ability to improve blood circulation. It can keep your skin and hair healthy and protect you from dangerous diseases and infections. Increasing blood flow also helps prevent diabetes, as well as other potentially fatal problems.

Boosts appetite

Anyone who wants to gain weight needs to increase their diet. If you think you are not eating enough during the day, it is a good idea to add some spice to your diet. You will be amazed at how much mace spice can improve your diet. The rich zinc content of mace contributes to enhancing appetite.

How can you store mace? 

You can keep the ground mace in a tightly closed container and place them in a cool, dark, dry place where they can stay cold for a few months. But the ground mace should be used as soon as possible.