Certain vegetables never go out of season and out of stock in our homes. Moreover, they simply rule our dining tables in different avatars. And we are not complaining either. Potato or aloo is one such super vegetable which keeps popping around us in one form or the other. The sheer versatility of the vegetable has made it one of the most popular one across the world, especially Indian kitchens. Be in the form dry sabziz, stuffed neatly inside a paratha, tossed in a curry or even in pakodas, aloo can be used in a myriad ways.

While there are countless snacks and sides that one can make with aloo, an Indian aloo curry is one that alone can be prepared in many different ways. From a simple lunch of aloo puri to a dinner party delicacy of aloo gosht, an aloo curry can always manage to steal the show on the table. And if you too are a fan of aloo curry, like us, we’ve got you covered with some of the best options right here.  

1. Aloo Gobi Curry 

You would know aloo gobhi as a stellar side dish which is dry, but this aloo gobi curry is sure to impress you with the burst of flavours. Melon seeds, potatoes, white sesame cooked with a pool of spices and chillies make for a sizzling curry that is hard to resist.

2. Aloo Rasedar 

Known to be a dish from Uttar Pradesh, aloo rasedar is perfect to use those leftover potatoes. It can be relished as a wholesome breakfast as well as a quick and easy lunch paired with chapatis or puris.  

3. Aloo Gosht 

This is the perfect coming together of mutton and aloo, making for a heavenly combination! Mutton chunks cooked over low heat with cubes of potatoes simmering with freshly ground spices to make a rich, thick gravy, sounds delicious, isn’t it?

4. Saag Aloo 

This has to be one of the most wholesome meal you’ll ever have. Saag aloo has everything from potatoes, spinach, tomatoes to a host of spices including kasoori methi, Kashmiri red chilli, mustard seeds and panch phoron.  

5. Bedmi Aloo 

Classic north Indian aloo curry served with bedmi puris, this aloo curry is loved across age groups. A simple and quick one, all you need to do is toss potatoes with a handful of spices such as amchur, chilli powder, turmeric, garam masala and red chillies.