Let’s just agree that summer season is all about mangoes for anyone who loves to nosh upon the luscious ‘king of fruits’! Juicy, sweet and absolutely divine, this king of fruits is much loved in India. Not only is it eaten as is but is also turned into several other delectable delicacies. You can use it raw in salads, chop into desserts or puree into smoothies or lassi. And for all those who love achaars, you can even pickle it into the quintessential aam ka achaar! No wonder it is one of the most versatile fruits of all. Yet, one of the not fulfilling ways to enjoy a mango is to dive right into it!  

But before that, do you know the huge variety of mango available in India? Oh, there are so many! Afterall India accounts for 56% of the world’s mango production! It boasts of more than 1000 varieties where each region has a different variety and way of eating it. From Dasheri to Chausa, Alphonso to Langra, even the most obsessed mango lover can get confused with some of them. So here we have a guide to helkp you navigate through some of the most popular varieties of mango in India! 

1. Safeda 

Mango season officially starts in April in India and one of the firsts is the Safeda variety that we get to see in the market. With a bright yellow hued skin with a slightly sour taste, Safeda originally belongs to Andhra Pradesh but has fans across the country. It is also known as Banganapalli. It is available all through summer season up till June. 


2. Alphonso 

One of the most common names you might’ve heard when discussing mangoes, Alphonsos are small, spherical ones that are actually native to Maharashtra but are also grown in Gujarat and parts of Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh. One of the most expensive varieties of mango, Alphonosos are available around May to June.


3. Dasheri 

Best enjoyed by tearing the tip off and sucking the pulp and juice from the mango, Dasheri is a common variety from the state of Uttar Pradesh. One of the earliest memories of my childhood too has Dasheri, where we used to sit around a bucket full of it, soften each mango lightly with fingertips and indulge in it till the last bite. A daily afternoon ritual in the summer season!


4. Chausa 

Popular in the northern region, especially Bihar, Chausa comes with this incredibly sweet and pulpy flavour starting from July up till August. One can easily confuse it with Safeda! 

5. Langra 

Nobody really knows why is it called Langra, but this variety is an incredibly fibrous one and finds huge popularoty across West Bengal, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.