India is a country for spice lovers and so we have mostly been a fan of every cuisine that offers a burst of flavours in a dish. Chinese, for instance is one, which we loved so much that we have given it our own tadka and made it our own as the Indo-Chinese cuisine. But did we stop there? Nope. We are also drooling over the middle eastern cuisine off late, which offers a gamut of variety and flavours across its delicacies. Shawarma rolls, a Lebanese snack has been making foodies in India weak in their knees for a long time now. It is essentially a pita breadroll with partially minced meat chunks, veggies and mayonnaise, and is served with chutney. The thick and succulent filling of meat chunks has non-vegetarians slurping and the spices of the minced meat are what makes it unique. The combination of all of this with creamy mayo is heavenly experience you just can’t resist.

While you can find shawarma rolls everywhere from streets side carts to and tuck shops to middle eastern restaurants, did you know you could easily make it at home too? It is a perfect snack idea for game or movie nights, ideal for brunch and those lazy evenings too when you don’t want to cook an elaborate dinner.

We’ve got this stellar, quick 30-minute recipe of chicken shawarma wrap that is just the right one to cook on busy weekdays as well as lazy weekends. For the recipe, all you need is some boneless shredded chicken, pita bread or mini naan flatbreads, capsicum, chopped onions and a couple of spices and yogurt for the marinade. The best part about this recipe is how unbelievably easy and healthy it is! The flavourful chicken wrapped in a pool of spices, yogurt and crunchy veggies make it a delightful treat for people of all ages.  

Find the full recipe of chicken shawarma wrap here. Try it at home and share your experience with us.