Bengali and mishti is a duo which is inseparable. If you even remotely know Bengali cuisine, you would get the idea that the sweets are an intrinsic part of the cuisine. Bengalis have created some of the brilliant sweet treats, which have transcended beyond the region. The use of curdled milk or chena is a common practice while making sweets and Bengalis take pride in showing their array of delectable desserts which are made with this simple technique. Be it the succulent and spongy Rasogullas or the delicate Kaacha Golla, the delectable Sondesh or the decadent Kheer kodomb- the simple yet delicate layers of flavours in these desserts makes them the mouthwatering delight. Ledikeni is another such dessert made using chenna, which is a lesser-known sweet but has amazing flavours that can satiate any sweet tooth. It is cylindrical in shape and reddish brown in colour, the resemblance of the dessert is sometimes mistaken for its famous cousin ‘Lyangcha’ or ‘Gulab Jamun’.

Ledikeni is believed to be created during the British Raj in Kolkata which also features a rich history of its own. According to the most popular legend, this delightful sweetmeat was prepared by the ace confectioner Bhim Chandra Nag to commemorate the visit of Lady Canning who was coming to India to be with her husband, Governor General Lord Charles Canning. Ledikeni was a special welcome sweet, which was specifically created for this occasion by one of the most reputed confectioners of Bengal during that time. His legacy is still preserved in the form of a modest shop in Kolkata's Chandni Chawk, Bowbazar. Some legends state that Ledikeni was made on one of her birthdays, which made Lady Canning fond of this decadent dessert and requested Nag to prepare this sweet treat on all special occasions and parties held at her palace.

The name of the dessert can be seen as the curiosity of the people who wanted to taste the delight which caught the fancy of the Viceroy's wife. They soon started calling the dessert 'Ledikeni ', a localized alternate pronunciation of the Victorian aristocrat 'Lady Canning'. The sweet became quite popular across Bengal and became an instant hit among all the age groups. Till date there is no celebration which is complete without this heavenly delight. So, do try Ledikeni, during your visit to Kolkata.