Now if you’ve made kulchas at home and left with a little too many, what would you do? Eat them with chole again? No, that’s boring. We got a little creative and found these yummy kulcha recipes that you can surely try.  

Aloo Kulcha  

Kulcha is a type of Indian bread, made of soft and moist yeast. Boil some potatoes. Mash them and keep them aside. In a pan, take some tomatoes and onions along with coriander, jeera, green chillies and salt and red chilli powder. Add some turmeric too. Add your mashed potatoes in it and mix well. Take a kulcha and spread this aloo mixture evenly. Place another kulcha on top of it. Toss it in a pan and cut into half.  

Paneer Kulcha  

Just like aloo is a lovable item, paneer is something that most people rejoice when eating. So all you got to do is make a nice paneer stuffing (you can also use the paneer bhurji recipe here) and make stuff it onto the kulchas just like aloo. Your paneer kulcha will be ready.  

Tandoori Kulcha


At home, you may not have a tandoor. But that cannot stop you from having a tandoori kulcha at home. Take the kulcha and stuff it with some green chillies, onion, garlic, coriander etc. Toss it on a tawa in butter. Turn the tawa upside down and let it cook on open flame. This technique will give your kulcha the smoky tandoori effect. You can eat it with some green chutney or pair with a flavourful aloo ki sabzi or soya. This will give you total Amritsari kulcha vibes, we promise!

Didn’t that just make you wonder all things you could do with your kulchas? Then what are you waiting for, go ahead and experiment.