Indian cuisine is a reservoir of diverse delicacies that never fails to amaze us. Every region has a unique cuisine that boasts of some of the most mouth-watering delicacies you'll come across. And no, we aren’t speaking of robust north Indian curries or spicy south Indian ones, there are Indian dishes beyond that. Been to the west? No not just Goa or Gujarat or even Mumbai. Kolhapur in Maharashtra is a coastal city known for its temples and other tourist attractions, but what we love the most about it is its hot and spicy cuisine. The royal Maratha city has a range of delicacies that never fails to impress our taste buds. If you are all for fiery delicacies, this one is for you. 

Home to lavangi mirchi, Kolhapuri’s bold flavours are reflected in its many mutton dishes that also uses the special Kolhapuri spice mix. Be it the soup-like curries called "Pandhara Rassa" and "Tambda Rassa" or the “Bharli Vangi”, which is essentially a yummy dish of stuffed brinjals, Kolhapur is a foodie’s paradise. While an everyday meal in Kolhapur is full of chapatis or bhakris, naan, parathas and a variety of dal and rice, a traditional Kolhapuri meal is an experience of its own. As per food experts, a traditional style meal at a Kolhapuri household starts with a practice of offering sacred verses which dedicates the meal to God. A guest will sit on a floor rug or wooden seat while the food is served in silver or metal thalis and bowls placed on a raised Chowrang (essentially a small chowki (low square table).  

If you are a fan of palate-cleanser, kolhapuri has a traditional way to do that too!To avoid mixing of flavours, guests are a given a bowl of saffron scented water to dip the fingers in before starting the next course. Kolhapuri hospitality also has a traditionally order in which the meal is served course after course. Starting from curries to rice and then rotis or sweets, is considered an ideal way for the host to serve. For an overall experience, incense sticks too are lit for an alluring fragrance. Isn’t it an wholesome experience pleasing all our senses?  

Here are 5 Kolhapuri dishes you must try:

1. Kolhapuri Mutton Fry 

2. Tambda Rassa (red curry) 

3. Pandhra Rassa (white curry) 

4. Kolhapuri Misal Pav 

5. Pithala Bhakri