These leaves are replete with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal qualities, proven to be treating everything from simple wounds to severe infections and other chronic ailments. While the powdered leaves can be added to a glass of milk to drink and relieve pains, it is the Bay leaf oil that boasts of several health benefits.  

1. Helps in digestion  

A great remedy for digestive problems, bay leaf oil helps in regulating several metabolic functions of the body. If you suffer from diarrhea, bloating and flatulence frequently, massage the oil on your stomach along with a combination of a few others like Geranium, lemon and sesame oil to relieve the excess amount of gas.  

2. Good for dry scalp  

In extreme weather conditions, our scalp often gets rough and dry. This may also lead to development of dandruff, which causes hair fall. To end this vicious cycle, take some heated oil and massage on your head. Not only will you feel stress-free, but after washing off, you’ll also be very fresh and light-headed. This can effectively combat hair fall too.  

3. Prevents cough and cold  

Instead of loading up on medicines for cough and cold, you can use a home-remedy of bay leaf oil to treat such flus.  

4. Cures Rheumatism and Arthritis

This may not completely cure these disorders but can definitely help to relieve the frequent joint pains with the help of its warming and drying energies. Apply the oil on the affected area (painful joints) and see the oil do its magic.  

5. Prevents convulsions and spasms

The fact that bay leaf oil is great for flus makes it a good option to treat respiratory illnesses too. In case you are suffering from a spasm or convulsion, there could be fatal consequences for the respiratory tract which may even lead to death. Bay leaf oil could relieve such spasms, preventing them from becoming something serious.  

NOTE: The bay leaf oil contains certain compounds which are not suitable for pregnant women.