India is a country of tea-lovers, where a morning isn’t good enough without a cuppa, for most of the population. But it isn’t stranger to the aromatic coffee beans, that have gained momentum as a culture in India over the years with the blooming café scene. In fact, south Indian breakfast isn’t complete without a piping hot cup of filter coffee or Kaapi, and the huge spread of coffee plantations down the region is a proof to that, all thanks to the Britishers.  

And while most of Indian loves to drool over filter coffee or cold coffee, one would find a bouquet of different types of coffee drinks across the world. From classic americano to latter and cappuccino to macchiato or a thick and sweet frappe, there are just too many variations that has most of us often getting confused while looking at a menu at a coffee shop. And let’s be honest it is a tough spot to be in when we don’t know the difference, isn’t it? 

So, for all those times, we've got you sorted with a list of most common types of coffee listed and well-differentiated! 

1. Espresso  

The one for coffee aficionados who simply obsess over the resting foam over their coffee shot! Espresso is basically a strong and concentrated shot of coffee brewed by forcing a little amount of boiling water with pressure over ground beans. The foam over it lends a strong flavour and it is definitely not for those who like their coffee sweet. 

2. Americano 

An American version of Espresso wherein the espresso is diluted with hot boiling water similar to black coffee. Different people make it differently as per their choice of flavour.  

3. Latte 

A frothy coffee made with a single shot of espresso and steamed milk; Café Latte is perhaps one of the most popular order across coffee shops. 

4. Cappuccino 

Perhaps the safest one to pick when in doubt, cappuccino is like your regular hot coffee with espresso at the bottom with layers of steamed milk and milk foam over it. It is often finished with chocolate shavings or cinnamon on top.  

5. Frappe

One of the most popular amongst the ‘cold coffees’ of the world, a traditional frappe recipe involves a combination of instant coffee with water and ice in a shaker. But over time, it has transformed into this thick shake-like drink with several top-ups of flavour, ice cream and syrups! 

6. Mocha 

Also known as mochaccino and also mochachino, this is a café Latte with chocolate flavouring and a cloud of whipped cream! 

7. Macchiato 

Literally translates as ‘stained’ in Italian, Macchiato is a sort of latte but just a little bit of milk, like a stain but a bit foamier. It is served as a 'layered' coffee, rather than a fully blended one.