Scientifically known as Avena sativa, oats are a whole-grain food that's good for health. Whereas daliya or bulgur is a cereal food made from broken wheat. Both have a plain taste that allows the scope to add your preferred flavour. Think about a healthy breakfast and two things come to our mind almost every time: oats and daliya. For weight loss, maintaining blood sugar levels, and preventing blood pressure-related issues, both options are recommended. You can add both oats or daliya to your breakfast. Let's now tell you more about their benefits and culinary uses.

Benefits of Oats and Daliya

Both oats (Avena sativa) and daliya are widely used in breakfast for a number of reasons. Both consist of fibre, carbs, vitamins, and minerals. They help with health issues like cholesterol, diabetes, constipation, etc. They keep you full and aren't heavy on your stomach at all, so you don't feel the frequent need of snacking and hence these two options are preferred for weight loss. Oats also benefit in asthma and daliya lowers the risk of breast cancer.

Their Dishes

The dishes you can make from both of these are simple, tasty and of course healthy. Oats and daliya khichdi, kheer (with fruits or without), idli, upma, and more, you can make a variety of dishes using these healthy items. You can mix them in regular dishes too like chapattis, parathas, pakode, etc. There could be so many ways to add these to your breakfast or meals. You can even go for tastier dishes like pulao and even add chicken or paneer in a little amount if you're trying to feed your reluctant kids.

Let's sum up

Both the options are excellent and versatile to provide you with all the nutrients. You can consume any of these or both according to your taste and preference. However, be careful about a few things like overconsumption as it can lead to issues of intestine, gas, and bloating.