It’s a sunny Sunday and you plan to make a delicious plate of food. You decide on rice and chicken curry and start prepping. You watch a Youtube video for the recipe of a delicious plate of chicken curry and start making it. You simmer the gas for the masala to get cooked and decide to catch on the leftover episode of last night’s Netflix binge. You complete the last episode and realize it has been 40 minutes since you have left the curry on the stove. You rush to the kitchen to check up on it only to see that the curry is burnt from the bottom. You see your dreams of having a delicious Sunday lunch shatter in front of yourself and settle for the regular Dal-Chawal. Do you find yourself in such situations often? Re you the one who always messes up the cooking time of the curry and ends up with a burnt one? If you are, then this article is just for you. As always, Slurrp has got you covered with four tips to save your burnt curry and enjoy a delicious meal. 

1. Don’t scrape the bottom

The most common mistake people do to save a burnt curry is to scrape the bottom. Scraping the bottom will lead to mixing up the bitter burnt parts into the unburnt part of the curry, leaving no scope for fixing. 

2. Change the pot

Cooking the curry in the same pot will lead to further burning of the burnt bottom. This will eventually result in the spreading of the burnt flavours in the curry. 

3. Add a potato

Adding a raw, peeled potato to the burnt curry will lead to absorption of the burnt flavours. Leave the raw potato in the curry for around 10 minutes and remove it to reheat the sauce further.

4. Add milky ingredients

Ingredients made with milk can cover up the burnt smell easily. You can either add cream, yogurt or coconut milk to remove the burnt smell and taste to some extent. 

Although we can't undo the burning effect these hacks will definitely save the flavour of your curry from getting wasted completely. Try these hacks to save your burnt curry and let us know how they work.