Not just our Indian cuisine but the humble potato is valued everywhere for its versatility. There is a gamut of dishes that can be prepared with potatoes. But to do so you do need to carry out some basic tasks, like boiling potatoes for instance. The list of our potato-based dishes is endless, and one thing common among the preparation of those dishes are the boiled potatoes. You might wonder that boiling potatoes is not that difficult a task. And you are right, the process, inherently does not require any skill or expertise, getting done with it faster, certainly makes us happy. Imagine how much time you can save when you don't have to stand in your kitchen just to wait and watch the potatoes boil.

There are smarter ways to boil potatoes quickly, and here we list down some. 

1. Prick Potatoes

In this method you just have to take a fork and prick the unpeeled potatoes from all sides. This helps in boiling the potatoes much faster.

2. Diced Potatoes

Some potatoes are quite large in shape, or they have a hard skin which makes it difficult to boil them faster. To fasten the process, you can cut them in quarters or cubes, and submerge them in boiling water. This process will surely prove efficient.

3. Pressure cooker

This handy kitchen appliance is a great way to get work done in a few minutes. Just take some potatoes and slice them in half. Add water in the cooker until the potatoes are submerged, then add a pinch of salt and cover the cooker with the cooker lid. This method will only take 10-15 minutes to get the job done.

4. Microwave

Microwave is the fastest way to prepare food in the kitchen. In this method, add some diced potatoes in a microwave safe bowl with water. Make sure to fill enough water to cover the potatoes. Add a dash of salt and cover it with a lid. Microwave on high for 5 minutes and the end result will be tender and soft potatoes.