Kiara Advani’s ‘Breakfast On The Go’
Image Credit: Kiara Advani

When it comes to consuming interesting healthy bites, take inspiration from Kiara Advani. The Bollywood actor recently shared an Instagram story flaunting her ‘breakfast on the go’, as she got ready to board the flight. Kiara - who was recently seen partying with her rumoured boyfriend, actor Sidharth Malhotra at Arpita Khan Sharma’s Eid party - chose a nutritious breakfast bowl to enjoy, during her air travel. Her breakfast bowl looked vibrant with nutritious ingredients such as pancakes topped with blackcurrants, strawberries and pumpkin seeds. 

What makes Kiara’s #breakfastposts interesting is how relatable they are. For all chaiholics, it would come as a pleasant surprise that she too enjoys a hot cup of chai, every now and then. Recently, the actor had shared a post enjoying tea with some cookies on her Instagram story. Despite having a busy schedule, Kiara always makes time for a quick healthy breakfast. If like Kiara, you’re on the hunt for easy nutritious breakfast bowls, here are a few recipes you could try out: 

Image Credit : Pexels

Ripe papaya, peeled, cut into 1-inch cubes and chilled

Oranges - 2 (medium) 

Carrots - 4 (peeled) 

Fresh mint leaves - a few 

Pumpkin seeds - 4 tablespoons 

Honey - 4 tablespoons 

Yoghurt - 1 cup 

Ice cubes - a few 

Fresh mint sprigs to garnish 



Peel the oranges and de-seed them. 

In a blender jar, put the oranges and carrots. 

Add the mint leaves, pumpkin seeds, honey and yoghurt and blend into a smooth mixture. 

While serving, put chilled papaya cubes in a bowl, pour the smoothie over them. Garnish with mint sprigs and serve chilled.


These easy-to-make recipes are power-packed with nutrients, seasonal fruits and nuts and help to boost your immunity amid the pandemic. If you find yourself skipping your morning meal or fretting to cook an elaborate breakfast, do give these recipes a try. The smoothie bowls could also be used to be consumed throughout the day if stored away in the fridge. Fruits in the recipes above can be changed according to your taste and liking. A healthy day starts with a healthy breakfast, so strap on your cooking cape and try out these recipes today.