How we hate it when big brands discontinue some of their products that we start warming up to. They may have their (very valid) reasons to do so, but what about us? What about the closure we deserve? It wasn’t so long back when KFC decided to do away with their Double Down burger. Yes, the same burger that created a sensation for its unique no-bun, only chicken concept. Made with two crispy, chicken fillets with saucy veggies slid in between, the burger did make every chicken lover go weak in their knees. And looks like our prayers have been heard, for the burger giant is all set to relaunch the Double Down burger.

The crunchy chicken burger sans bun is available across all KFC restaurants. One can walk-in, order-in, or express pick-up from one’s nearest KFC restaurant, the price of the burger starts at INR 229. If you have been a fan of the Double Down burger since its inception, then you also must know that the no bun burger is available only for a limited time so grab and indulge before it is too late.

What is the Double Down burger, what’s the whole hype about?

The super yummy burger is made of nothing but chicken. The buns are replaced with KFC’s chicken fillets that hold fresh, crunchy veggies that offer the much-needed contrast of texture and flavours. Speaking of flavours, the creamy Dynamite Mayo and Sriracha sauce offer lovely grease, making sure the burger never feels too dry. The taste and crunch of the burger is truly one-of-a-kind, which is why, after popular demand, KFC had to reintroduce the burger back in their menu. You can enjoy this burger with additional dips or as is.