Kerala, the “God’s Own Country” is known for its dotting beauty. The South Indian state not only takes pride in nurturing nature but also in a smorgasbord of food available here. You just can’t prevent yourself from salivating once you went for a stroll in the streets of Kerala. As the place is surrounded by sea, you would observe numerous lip-smacking seafood is served here. Its long list of non-vegetarian food can satisfy any tourist’s hunger. A beautiful amalgamation of Malabari, Arabian and French influences is seen in Kerala’s cuisine. States’ peculiar touch to every dish is also something you will absolutely love. However, what we would like to suggest to you is to relish Kerala’s traditional foods and get to know its culture through its culinary world. Here is a list of few popular traditional dishes of Kerala that you must try at least once in life. 

Puttu And Kadala Curry

This is basically steamed rice cooked with coconut shaving and served with kadala curry means black chickpeas. Puttu with kadal curry is one of the popular breakfast dishes of Kerala.  

Appam With Stew 

South Indian dishes majorly include rice and dal. Appam is one such dish. It is basically a rice pancake with a thick centre and crispy outside. When served with stew, appam tastes heavenly. It is almost every Malayali person’s favourite dish. You can have appam with a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian stews immersed in spicy gravy made of coconut. 

Idiyappam And Curry

To make idiyappam, you require rice flour, salt, and water. This vermicelli is tucked together to get a perfect idiyappam texture and served with any curry. Also known as noolappam, idiyappam can be relished with egg curry too.  

Parippu Curry 

Parippu curry is basically dal flavoured with a generous amount of chillies, pure ghee, and spices. You must try this inherent part of Sadhya feast even if you are not a big fan of dal.