A sunny weekend brunch at an exquisite restaurant after a long week is exactly what I had been thinking of ever since there was a nip in the air somewhere in the middle of November. I mean, the early 2021 went into lockdown, the middle of it went away recovering from the lockdown, what else will you want to do now that it's about to end? A delightful spread of middle eastern treats with artisanal cocktails in brunch– well yes exactly that. 

And a perfect opportunity came with a sunny Saturday brunch at one of Delhi’s most sought-after bar and restaurant- Diablo. Nestled in the vicinity of heritage of Mehrauli, Diablo, as the name suggests takes cue from the devil. Be it in its design- think gargoyles, ghost bar and ostentatious emerald and golden chandeliers, or the bar menu, the place gives an idea of how it could be a perfect place for Satan parties! But everything done in an artful, distinct manner resonates how it balances well. 

The contrast between the indoor and outdoor dining area is pretty striking. Where the outdoor is beautifully done with canopies with lush greens, whites and golden hues, and a live counter and round ghost bar, indoor is where the drama unfolds with eclectic pink. As rightly put together by the owners, it is a contemporary take on gothic design.

Coming to the food, Diablo is all about modern middle eastern delicacies and we made sure to make the most if its offerings. The menu is unique and serves distinct variety of salads, breads, kebabs and sharing platters of middle-eastern delicacies. As we sat in the courtyard, basking in the winter sun, we munched all things delish starting from Spinach and Burrata salad, because let me be honest, burrata is a weakness! And then we dived right into the humungous non-vegetarian mezze platter, that came with a host of velvety dips along with a basket of breads, and definitely had me slurping at the sight of it.

Besides the rich and satisfying hummus and breads, the platter boasted of a kebaps that had everything from chicken to juicy mutton, crispy prawns, fish, and pickles. Koobideh Kebap with minced lamb shoulder was exactly what a balance of flavours feels like, while Chelo Kebap, a personal favourite in general, had the mouth-melting texture that was unbelievable, served on a bed of Persian Zaffrani rice. Harissa Fish Kebap was another of my favourite from the platter due to its unique peppery flavour. Vegetarians shouldn’t be missing out on Fattoush and Falafel besides crispy Kookoo- croquettes of potato and cheese. The dips and breads are definitely the highlight of the platter as well as the menu, as the special green Diablo hummus with edamame and garbanzo beans is impressive and so is the classic chickpea hummus and Babaganoush. The menu also offers an array of Italian treats with a tint of Middle East in the main course with dishes like Muhammara Spaghetti, besides a host of classic pizzas and pastas.  

To accompany the feast that couldn’t fit the table, we also had Diablo’s signature cocktails including Devil’s Zest V&T, a hearty concoction of vodka, citrus, tonic and the jazzy drama of liquid nitrogen.

While the menu might not be expansive, Diablo hit the right chord with something eccentric and unique and truly epitomizes how less is more.