There are several alternatives to sugar available in the market like Stevia, Sugar-Free, etc. However, we can never be sure if it is free from any form of refined sugar. Due to this, people in Tamil Nadu have found a great sugar substitute: Karupatti.   

The process of making Karupatti involves the use of cane sugar and date palms, without the addition of any preservatives or chemical agents. This makes it a pure, natural substitute for sugar, widely available across Asia, Africa, and even America. Make sweet or savoury dishes with this ingredient.   

Benefits of consuming Palm Jaggery 

1. Skin Benefits  

Palm jaggery offers a range of nutrients to your body that can be highly beneficial for your skin. It prevents ageing signs, wrinkles, etc., and can also reduce acne and scars.   

2. Menstruation Benefits  

A lot of women complain of menstrual cramps during their courses. Palm jaggery can be a great relief in this regard as it releases endorphins. These can be helpful for PMS as well during cramps.   

3. Pain benefits  

From joint pains to migraines, this magical ingredient coupled with ghee can serve as a natural medication for all your pains.   

4. Immunity Benefits

With the presence of magnesium, calcium and potassium, it can be a superb aid for building stronger bones, strengthening immunity, increasing hemoglobin and treating anemia.  

5. Digestive Benefits

Since it is easier to break down and digest as compared to white sugar, which is high in carbs, it allows you to stay energetic for longer periods, preventing lethargy.   

6. Pregnancy Benefits 

Consuming palm jaggery can prevent cell damage due to the free radicals. It also prevents DNA degradation but should be consumed from the 7th month of pregnancy.  

There are several summer drinks that you can make using Karupatti. Also, you can make delicious Karupatti coffee, which is simply black coffee without milk and some palm jaggery. A healthy cup of morning coffee is all we needed, right?