Whether it's breakfast, lunch or dinner, roti is a staple Indian flatbread cooked and served in all Indian households because without rotis our meals are incomplete. Jowar ki roti is another type of roti or phulka made using jowar and also mixed with rice flour. This roti is a part of the staple diet of most people from the regions of Maharashtra, Karnataka and Goa. Reason being that, it's most importantly loaded with several essential health benefits, good for diabetic and cancer patients. Jowar is rich in fibre, magnesium and protein making it a healthy replacement to fine flour. Not only can you make use of jowar in rotis but also cakes, pancakes, rice, tacos and a lot more.  

Learn to make jowar ki roti with just four simple healthy ingredients in the recipe below: 


  1. 1 cup Jowar 
  2. Half cup rice flour 
  3. Salt 
  4. Warm water 
  5. oil 


  1. In a big bowl, take jowar and rice flour and add a pinch of salt. Mix both the flours together with warm water. 
  2. Carefully knead a dough, you might need more water than usual so keep adding water according to consistency.  
  3. Make sure to knead a non-sticky yet firm dough otherwise flattening might become a bit troublesome. 
  4. Don't forget to start making the small round shaped balls right after kneading. Avoid keeping the dough aside for even a few minutes. 
  5. Now, here comes a twist. You can't flatten the balls using a rolling pin in order to make chapati or rotis.  
  6. So using your hands and palms, grease with oil and slowly start flattening the balls to make roti.  
  7. Heat the roti on a pan and then cook the jowar ki roti directly on flame.

Jowar ki roti is ready to serve with curry, vegetables or any gravy dish.