Krishna Janmashtami is an auspicious occasion as Lord Krishna was born on this day. In many parts of the country, Hindus fast to celebrate the day. Many foods are signature to this day. Especially those which are rich in dairy as Krishna was known to love milk and milk by-products. 

This day is incomplete without sweets, so we have curated a list of dessert special to this day. Interestingly, these dishes are packed with nutrition to keep you full during the day of fasting. 

Anjeer Mawa Barfi

A guilt-free dessert made from dried figs and nuts; this is an easy dessert that can be made in under thirty minutes. The combination of mawa and anjeer is super delicious and great for the lord's event. The sweetness of the barfi comes from the dates, and the crunch and volume come from the nuts. You can also turn these barfis into ladoos for a fun twist. 

Sabudana And Makhana Kheer 

With a rich taste of cardamom and saffron, this dessert is perfect for the auspicious day ahead. Part of Lord Krishna’s Chaapan Bhog, this filling dessert is made using sabudana, makhana, milk and dry fruits. 

Lauki ki Kheer

Prepared with lauki and milk, this is a simple dessert, especially for beginners. Make sure the lauki you use is soft and not at all bitter. Besides the Janmashtami fast you can also enjoy this during the Navratri or Ekadashi or Shivratri vrat. You can use regular milk instead of coconut milk. 

Carrot Rabdi

This Janmashtami, try your hand at this wonderful and decadent carrot rabdi. The recipe is a great way to fill up for the day of fasting. Dosed with dry fruits and cardamon, the coming together of veggies and dessert is absolutely delightful.