This principle aims to allow all foods in your diet and give you unconditional permission to eat whatever you desire. The point is to remove the label of "good" or "bad" food and reject the guilt associated with particular types of food. Listen to your body and make sure you are strong, physically and mentally. 

Deeper Understanding 

Eating intuitively means being curious about what and why you want to eat something and then enjoy it without judgment. It is about trusting the wisdom of your body with no influences outside of you.

Science says that practicing intuitive eating is linked with several benefits like increased life satisfaction, greater self-confidence, better body image, optimism and well-being, proactive skills to endure, higher levels of HDL cholesterol, lower levels of triglycerides, lower rates of emotional eating & lower rates of eating disorders. 

10 Principles of Intuitive Eating

1. Make peace with food

Don’t restrict or limit any food item.

2. Respect your body

Develop a positive body image so that you can get rid of the diet mentality.

3. Honour your hunger

Listen to your body when it asks for food.

4. Challenge the food police

Try to ignore the internal voice when it asks you to stop eating.

5. Respect your fullness

Recognize the signs of your body when you feel full.

6. Reject diet mentality

Be proud of your body as it is a unique gift given to you.

7. Honour your health

Intuitive eating is all about eating guilt-free but make sure you are honouring your health as well by eating healthy.

8. Cope up emotions with kindness

Replace your emotional eating with shame-free and guilt-free eating.

9. Movement 

Stay fit and add some movement to your life and see an amazing difference.

10. Discover satisfaction factor

Eat what you love and eat for satisfaction.

Learn to find a balance and build long-term healthy lifestyle habits with intuitive eating. It can be helpful for a person to find pleasant things in their body and to realize that it is valuable and worthy of care, no matter what it looks like.