Amidst the ongoing crisis in the landlocked country, people are suffering and so is their culture. Many have fled the country and are now residing in India and several other neighbouring nations as refugees. Taking refugee in another country, leaving behind their homes and livelihood isn’t an easy path. You have to adapt to the new country’s culture, rituals, practices and more. However, along with this, you have memories of your own culture stuck in your head to. What this leads to is the amalgamation of the two, resulting in a hybrid culture. Change of landscape, people, language are huge. What about the culinary affairs? 

Primarily an Islam-dominated country, Afghanistan has often been in news for conflicts and war. We have seen several Afghanis settle in India and make a living for themselves. In return, what they’ve given us is their kebabs and Afghani rotis. I still remember before Covid happened, whenever my mother used to cook a spicy mutton curry for lunch, my father used to get these huge, fluffy rotis to have along with it. Tucked away in small shops owned by Afghanis who had settled in the Lajpat Nagar area of New Delhi, they developed a sense of identity and community by selling these breads. 

Keeping their culture alive while living in a new place must have been tough for them but their cuisine has kept them going. Here are some delectable Afghani dishes you can try at home. 

1. Afghani Bolani 

Bolani is nothing but an Afghani version of our parantha. A stuffed flatbread, the traditional bolani is filled with potatoes, onions and green chillies. Baked or fried, this bread can also be given a meaty touch with a nice chicken stuffing. 

2.  Afghani Kabuli Pulao 

This is a vegetarian specialty of the Afghani cuisine. Long-grain rice is cooked along with carrots, raisins and several other nuts and vegetables. This rich and filling pulao is called Kabuli Pulao, named after its capital Kabul. 

3.  Afghani Aushak 

Do you like momos? Well, then you should definitely try this Afghani Aushak. Leek-filled dumplings are steamed and served with a meaty gravy on top of it. They are a tempting affair!  

4. Noni Bread 

Another type of Afghani bread, this doesn’t fall under the flatbread category. These are fluffy breads, topped up with sesame seeds, enjoyed as an evening snack in Afghani households. 

5.  Afghani Biryani 

Biryani is one dish that has seen variations across the globe. So how could the Afghanis be left far behind? Their version consists of a whole lot of spices and chopped nuts which give an aromatic and flavourful vibe. 

6. Afghani Chicken 

Often paired with Afghani naan, this creamy and juicy chicken recipe is a must-try. The dish is super-light, made with hung curd, lime juice, onions and minimum spices. The white chicken gravy makes it really appetizing. 

7.  Sheer Payra

You must have devoured several chocolate fudges, but this traditional Sheera Payra is to die for. An authentic fudge recipe, made with ground walnuts and almonds and seasoned with cardamom powder, the rose water lends it a tantilising aroma like no other. 

Slurrping already? We know why!