Compared to the metro cities in India, Indore often misses out on the limelight it deserves. However, history is proof that this little city in Madhya Pradesh has given us countless reasons to be proud. Indore was named the cleanest city for the fourth time in a row in 2020, as per a National survey. Some of the country’s biggest stars, like Salman Khan and Zakir Khan, were born and raised in Indore up until a certain point. But what pulls us towards the city over and over again is its rich culinary fare. Indore is truly a haven for foodies, and we can give you 227654 reasons why!  

A 'Sweet' Departure From Other Pohas: What Makes Indori Poha Unique?

If you are as big on street food as us, you would be bowled over by the sheer variety of options available here for every kind of glutton. Dahi Bade, Garadu, Bhutte Ki Khees, Khopra Patties are only a few legendary examples. Poha-Jalebi is another stellar food combination you would dig here. Poha, as we all know, is a quick snack made with rice flakes, which is tossed with mustard seeds, salt, pepper, peanuts and occasionally onions. Now Maharashtra’s Kanda Poha is renowned for its savouriness; in Indore, this poha gets a tinge of sweetness. The understated tangy tones are also unmissable in this preparation.  

Making Indori Poha At Home  

To make this poha, all you need to do is to soak some chiwda, rinse it well. Let it soften. Mix the poha with some turmeric powder, sugar and salt. Keep it aside. Now, heat some oil in a kadhai, throw in some mustard seeds. Let it crackle over medium heat. Then add some fennel seeds, green chillies and sautee. Add the poha and saute on low flame. Cover the pan, let it absorb the steam once your poha is cooked. Shift it to a dish and garnish with pomegranate seeds, sev, coriander and chopped onions.