If there’s one food that every north Indian across the world can bond on, it has to be chole bhature. Of course, there are more, but the love for this savoury, lip-smacking dish is unmatched. An out and out Punjabi delicacy, a plate of chole bhature with a tall glass of lassi, is quite a staple in the region of Punjab and Amritsar. But the love has spread to the whole of north India and even other parts of the world. A tantalising mix of earthy Indian spices, laced well with boiled chickpeas in a hearty blend of tomatoes and onions, chole (chickpeas) goes best with puffy, stuffed bhaturas. The love is so much that one can find chole bhature at every north Indian restaurant menu, and it goes beyond that- there are food joints dedicated just to the love of chole bhature! And while you can always make it at home, Delhi and many of the north Indian states have some fantastic places to sate your cravings for this mighty delicacy! 

Here Are 5 Chole Bhature Places You Must Visit: 

1. Sitaram Diwan Chand, Delhi 

Located in the by lanes of Paharganj in Central Delhi, Sitaram Diwan Chand’s spicy, mouth-watering chole paired with paneer-stuffed bhaturas is something we can go to any distance for! Served with a serving of potatoes, onions and pickles, a chole bhature lover shouldn’t miss this one!


2. Chache Di Hatti, Delhi 

Potato-stuffed bhature, a handful of sliced onions, tangy chutney and a bowl of finger-licking chole, Chahe Di Hatti has been doing it perfectly for ages and at a super pocket-friendly price in Kamla Nagar!


3. Baba Nagpal Corner, Delhi 

This place in the Lajpat Nagar area in Delhi is popular across anyone from daily wagers to corporate bigwigs simply because of its lip-smacking platter of Chola Bhatura! No wonder they are sold out even before the lunch hour!


4. Cream Centre, Mumbai 

Known to be one of the best family restaurants, Cream Center at Chowpatty in Mumbai served fluffy, giant bhaturas, pickles and some tantalising chole!  

5. Haveli, Murthal

One of the most popular hotspots on the highway when you go towards Chandigarh, Haveli in Murthal has created quite a niche for itself in all things north Indian! From scrumptious parathas to lip-smacking chole bhature, Haveli can’t go wrong with any of it!