Buzzing with art galleries, documentary screenings and more, India Habitat Center (IHC) is one of the most popular convention centres in India. For years, IHC has been known for the lush green lawns, spacious architectural design and tall, multipurpose buildings with exciting events taking place all around the year. Another thing that has kept it brimming with visitors is the food. While places like Delhi O Delhi and Oriental Octopus are member-only eateries, Eatopia is a public-friendly food court, open to all. 

While we are at this discussion, some unprecedented news has just come in. The All American Diner, one of the two eateries open to the public at IHC has been shutdown. Well, not completely, because it is being launched under a new name called the Habitat Hub. Yes, we know this name doesn't have the same ring to it like the American Diner but you can be rest assured about the vibrant décor and exquisite American menu, as those remain intact. Have a look. 

         Source: Habitat World, India Habitat Center/Facebook 

Why is this happening? 

Apparently, the Old World Hospitality has expired its contract with IHC. This means that IHC will be taking over the reins of this two-decade old diner and giving it a new face. Now you can actually expect a much more diverse menu when you visit the Habitat Hub next time. What’s on offer you ask? Mediterranean and Turkish elements have been added to the list of existing delicacies like Shakshuka. 

Just thinking of something else in place of the All American Diner gives us goose bumps and we can’t help being nostalgic about it. Hopefully, we’ll continue to have the crowd-pleaser all-day breakfast and bar access because let’s admit, we all have some or the other childhood memory attached to this one-of-its-kind diner.